What shapewear do I need? (Part I)

In recent years, shapewear has often been questioned a lot. Most of the time due to its lack of comfort or confining in the wrong places. In fact, these are caused by an improper choice of size or they do not fit the shape of the figure. There are several things to consider before choosing.

1) Level of compression: Compression helps to sculpt and smooth out different parts of the body.

  • Light compression helps to smooth out parts of the body, making it easier and more comfortable to wear. For everyday wear, you can choose light compression to gently soothe your lower back and abdomen.
  • Medium Compression accentuates your curves, medium Compress shapewear is typically made from breathable, stretchy fabrics such as mesh that move with the body while adding subtle contours. Hawk Beauty’s shapewear chooses premium mesh material, soft and lightweight, comfortably sculpts your body.
  • Strong compression accentuates the prettiest curves and provides firm support for wearing formal and structured outfits such as wedding dresses, tutus, evening gowns, and cocktail dresses, but without restricted feeling.

2) Cover-up place.

  • Full Body – Full body shapewear offers smoother lines while shaping the body in multi-places at the same time. Hawk Beauty’s shapewear often provides natural openings or push buttons opening to ensure a comfortable fit while providing convenience.
  • Upper Body – Hawk Beauty offers a wide range of upper body solutions, including open bust bras, waist-back tanks, waist trainers that can be worn according to the different needs like lifting bust, tightening tummy, or waist.
  • Lower Body – Mid to high waist shaping pants can boost your thighs and hips in one step.

This is the first part of choosing shapewear, and there are some extra tips for choosing shapewear:
1. Stick to the right size, we don’t recommend choosing a smaller size in order to look small and narrow.
2. High waist pants may perform better in flattening the tummy and provide a smoother line.