Are shapewear effective?

Are shapewear effective?

If you’re struggling to stay in shape, you may already be wondering if you should invest in shapewear while trying to achieve your goals. Before that, take a look at the pros and cons of it.

What is shapewear?
Shapewear is a type of undergarment made of stretch or rigid fabric that is cut to a specific pattern. The result is a garment that naturally tightens the body and helps improve posture.

There are different levels of shapewear and at HKBT we offer three levels of corrective clothing: light compress, medium compress, and heavy compress.

Shapewear can be used in any area you want to improve. HKBT offers five different types of Shapewear, including under-bust bras, waist-back vests, waist trainers, jumpsuits/bodysuits, and mid to high-waisted pants that fit your body for optimal results.

Whether or not you should wear corrective clothing depends on you as a person and what you are suited for. However, here are some advantages and disadvantages that can help you decide if clothing is right for you.


  • Slimmer appearance: Shapewear is definitely effective in making you look like you have lost inches where you need them most. Wearing it will make you look slimmer and trimmer. It can also accentuate your curves when needed.
  • Boosts self-confidence: Shapewear can immediately transform your body and boost your confidence when you look in the mirror or receive positive comments about your appearance. A positive attitude can lead to healthier choices that can boost your weight loss results!
  • Positive Motivation
    Shapewear lets you know what you will eventually look like as you work towards your fitness goals. This can provide you with the motivation you need to keep going.


  • Possible discomfort and other physical problems: If the Shapewear you choose is too tight, you may experience tingling or numbness in the area of pressure. If the orthotic garment is too tight in the middle, you may experience acid reflux and stomach discomfort. The important thing is that it fits well and that you don’t strain yourself.
  • Feeling heavy: Some people find that Shapewear makes them feel heavier when they have to strain to get dressed. This feeling also occurs when they take off the Shapewear and their body looks the same as it did before.
  • Cost: If you use Shapewear regularly, you will buy more. This can quickly become more expensive, especially if you have tree roots on your body.