How to wear a bra correctly?

Bra is a woman’s intimate and personal clothing.

It not only helps us to build a perfect body shape

It is also related to the health of women’s breasts.

Long-term use of the wrong way to wear lingerie can bring

breast sagging, breast enlargement, breast deformation

and even other health diseases of the breasts.

So how do we wear a bra correctly?



Hang the shoulder straps over your shoulders and tilt your upper body forward 45 degrees.

Let your breasts go naturally into the cups and then fasten the back buckle.


After fastening the back buckle, put your hands inside the cups, and push the bottom

The fat and the remaining breast under the armpits are pushed into the cups includingly.


Hold your head up and adjust the shoulder straps to the position you feel most comfortable with position, while just enough space for one finger to slide.


Move your shoulders, lift your hands, make sure the straps don’t slip off and you’re comfortable wearing them